The Mobile Internet Impact – An Untapped Fountain of Profit

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While the heyday of simple profit through search engine optimization may have passed with the last decade, a new era of traffic and profitability is unfolding as mobile technology continues to make rapid advances. With a growing number of people in all regions of the world having access to the internet in their pocket, mobile optimization is becoming a worthy contender to the reign of the laptop and home PC. Mobile devices are significantly less expensive than their counterparts, with high-powered pocket computers costing as little as 30% of their entry-level laptop counterparts.

The Impact of the Mobile Internet

The mobile internet is currently the most convenient internet-based market on the planet. Upgrades to mobile operating systems continue to improve year after year, such as Google’s newly- launched “Jelly Bean” update to their proprietary operating system.

In 2011, mobile technology accounted for roughly 7% of U.S. based internet traffic. As of May of 2012, it accounted for almost 10% of all U.S. internet traffic. This is based on information provided by Statcounter, a web analytic provider. Another study, done by Walker Sands Communications, estimates the traffic at 13%, which is a growth of 9% in about 18 months. This is of the estimated 239 million U.S. residents online, which equates to about 30 million mobile users nationwide.

Assume that there are 10 million mobile page views per day, which is an extremely low estimate. If only 1% of these views were to click an advertisement that generated 10 cents, these clicks alone would be worth $10,000. From 2011 to 2012, an estimated 20 million additional people began to use mobile tablet devices to access the internet. This is a 63% jump in a single year, which is quite possibly the biggest jump in the mobile market since the dawn of the smartphone.

An estimated 40% of social network traffic comes from mobile viewers. Facebook has 140 million viewers, equating to 56 million mobile viewers. In Youtube views alone, an estimated 50 million plus people will be viewing videos with their smartphones. This only further enforces that the mobile market has huge potential. Tie this in to the recent release of new technology like the Google Nexus 7, which is taking the market by storm, and the cost of entry-level mobile technology will continue to decline.

Optimizing Content for Mobile Viewers

All of this information leads to a simple, yet powerful conclusion: optimizing websites for the mobile market is going to become a must in the next decade. Sites without mobile optimization could lose up to 13% of their traffic if the site is difficult to view on mobile devices. This is all based on the data that’s available right now, not the data based on current growth trends. To put this into perspective, millionaires have been made with a four percent conversion rate on simple products. The current mobile viewer estimates are literally triple that number and steadily growing with no signs of slowing.

In the coming years of the 2010-2020 decade, sites will need a clean mobile experience that allows users to read text, see images and watch videos without having to continuously scroll in all directions to view the entirety of the content. Sites that lack these qualities will be punished with higher bounce rates, lower page views per user, and most importantly, lower conversions. Sites that can successfully adapt to the mobile market will be rewarded with increased page views and increased conversions, assuming that they’ve done their marketing homework.

Artilce provided by Philip Rudy who is in charge of outreach for Actix – a company that specializes in mobile network technology.

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