Top 5 reasons to consider NQ Mobile

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Many people do not realize it, but smartphones are as vulnerable to malicious software, such as viruses, malware, Trojan horses, and worms, as are all other types of devices that have Internet access. That threat is increasing as people turn to their cells to do more and more of their work and for entertainment, and download apps to help them in both areas. Many of these apps are potentially unsafe. Smartphones have, for instance, been attacked by software that can be used to run up exorbitant charges on the owner’s bill, and the money can never be recovered. That is why there are companies that specialize in designing and marketing software that can protect smartphones against such attacks. The best of these is definitely NQ Mobile. Here are five reasons to consider using them as your source of smartphone protection:

(1) The company has been rated number one in the field of smartphone security, consistently outperforming all of their competitors. They have received a series of awards and recognitions that go back five years, including the following:

  • Time magazine—“ten startups that will change your life” (2010)
  • World Economic Forum—industry shaper (at Davos) and technology pioneer (both from 2011)
  • Golden Olive Award for best mobile phone antivirus product (2007)

There have so far been ten in all, each of which is itself a reason for choosing this company above all others.

(2) Over 200 million users in 150 of the world’s nations have registered with the company, and each year that number increases by 200,000.

(3) NQ Mobile uses the cloud—specifically, their own innovative Cloud + Client technology—to improve their anti- malware protection. It is this technology that makes them stand out from among all the rest. The multimillions of subscribers can contribute their own knowledge of online threats. you yourself can share your horror stories about hijacked phones if you subscribe to NQ Mobile. This huge network of connections who can serve as sources of ideas is the reason why…

(4) Three quarters of all the threats to mobile phones are detected by NQ Mobile before any other such company does. They can thus come up with better solutions to those threats faster than their competitors can.

(5) The most common customer review for NQ Mobile is five stars. One such super- satisfied customer reports that he was impressed with the way in which the software he bought from them scans apps to determine what kind of information they can potentially access on the phone, and stated that it has “great privacy features, anti theft and Sim card change notification.” Another review: “All I have used for years!!! NQ speaks to me in text all day long keeping me safe by telling me it has checked the files I have downloaded, or the places I go,” and is glad to have it update its antivirus files regularly without incurring any additional expenses. “Nothing gets in and out without you knowing about it,” he said. A third gave a whole list of things about NQ Mobile that he was pleased to have, including being warned about malicious sites even before he gets to them, being able to back up the contents in cloud storage, an element that alerts him if the phone has been stolen and the thief is trying to tamper with the data stored on it, and the way any apps that are not being used are automatically closed, thus extending the life of the batteries (and saving money on those, too).

Those reasons are the top five. But the list could go on. The online British magazine PC Review in its April 2012 issue gave NQ Mobile Security a rating of four stars, saying that it is “primed with deadly malware- hunting capabilities” and scored 90 percent in a test for threat- checking capacity, beating all but one of the 19 categories against which it had to contend.

In conclusion, if you buy anti- virus software from NQ Mobile for your iPhone, Blackberry, or whatever type of phone you use, you will not regret it. They are quite the security provider!

Author Bio : Rebecca Brown is an avid blogger for NQ Mobile, keeping students protected when using their mobile devices while studying and vacationing abroad.