How to Clear Cache on Macbook Pro

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Using the Mac has indeed saved many of its users from having to deal with computer viruses that easily attack and corrupt other operating systems. This however is not an assurance that you are completely free from frustrations where your Mac device is concerned. One of the most frustrating challenges a MacBook Pro user can experience is when the system starts slowing down. The more the systems slow down, the more you might be asking this question: “How do I speed my Mac pro Book?”


How to speed up the MacBook Pro

One way of speeding up your system is by clearing the cache on the MacBook. Other options are ensuring that you buy the best laptop and ensuring you peruse on some Smartphone reviews before purchasing.

clear cache on macbook pro
A cache is basically a section of the computer’s memory where temporary internet files are stored. When you save the internet files on the computer, it means that you are speeding up the process of opening certain web pages. In this way, the computer shows that certain Web pages are stored in the memory rather than going out to the web and getting it again. It is of great significance to clear your cache so that one can get the most recent version of a webpage. Consider this, if maybe an instructor sends his/her student an email stating that a link to an exam is available and the students don’t see the link, what they simply need to do is to clear their caches. After doing this, they will see the new page with the exam’s link.

Instructions on how to clear a cache on MacBook Pro

  • Click on the “safari” icon in the “applications” folder or on the dock to open a safari browsing window.
  • Click on the” safari” button on the menu bar.
  • Click on the “empty cache” entry on the menu that seems to clear the cache off the MacBook pro

Another way of doing this is outlined below:

  • Click “Go” from the finder menu.
  • Click “home”. The home folder will appear.
  • Double-click on the “library” folder.
  • Drag the folder that is labeled “cache” from the library folder onto the trash icon in the dock file you want to clear all cache files.
  • Open the caches folder by double-clicking and drag the cache file or folder for a specific application such as iphoto or quicktime into the trash can icon when you want to clear the application’s cache.
  • Finally, right click on the trash icon and select the “empty trash”


Other freeware applications to clear Cache on Macbook Pro

One efficient and fast cleanup feature that allows you to clear your device’s cache and remove unnecessary binaries, delete old log files and unwanted support files is the Mackeeper. It features an optimization utility which is pretty simple that does a lot in speeding a MacBook pro. This program lets you know the programs and applications that need to be updated and also allows you to update them by simply clicking on the “update” tab. It also allows one to get rid of applications from the automatic login list, so that they do not by default run when the device is powered on.

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